Important Photo Information

Look out for red lanyards before posting photos online!

For safety and privacy, please be mindful of posting photos with people's faces or identifying information. If you see someone wearing a red lanyard make sure you crop or edit them out of your photos before posting online.

We also strongly discourage publishing identifying photos of minors without parental consent.

Safety Considerations

Not everyone is out at work, or among their family so it's really important to protect those community members!

There are also matters of domestic abuse or stalking.

Some people also suffer from gender dysphoria or body dysmorphia and seeing photos of themselves could cause extreme harm and distress.

Regardless of why, if someone is wearing a red lanyard please respect their right to privacy and make them safe at Pride.


Where do I get a lanyard?
Come to the main tent and we'll provide one. There will be a box to return them at the end of the festival.

Can I keep my lanyard?
If you regularly attend OPA events—sure!
Otherwise we ask that you return the red lanyards where you got them so they can be laundered and used again at future events.

What if I can't see someone's lanyard in the photos but I can see their face?
Use your best judgement and err on the side of caution please!

Cropping and Editing Examples


This person is wearing a red lanyard and their face and a tattoo are both visible:


Please cover all identifying features face, tattoos, etc.


If possible the best solution is to crop them out of your photos altogether.